A lot of online chatter this past month has asked the question if nursing bras can offer both a functional and fashionable options, at the same time.

Taking this discussion from a general overview it opens a lot of talk as there are hundreds of brands that offer different products and specialise in individual needs, which means a colourful mix of responses!

In terms of the luxury maternity bra market – this topic can be viewed a bit differently, as for a higher price point you can expect better quality, fabrics, styles, fit, comfort and support. Thus – can fashion/beauty and function co exist?

Often, perceptions of something ‘nice’ and ‘pretty’ have eluded to impracticality or something merely designed to look great and nothing more. OR, something can be overly functional but lack in comfort and colour.

How do you find or know a means that balances both?

However, other opinions from experience on the matter has noted quite the opposite – yes, they do and can co exist and it is great when it does.

In particular, one Cake Lingerie fan (Australia) said “I was suspicious that something so beautiful could be functional AND comfortable as well. Omg! These bras are amazing. I’ve been wearing the very functional but unsexy Triumph bra… I can’t believe your bras are so comfy and so gorgeous. It makes me feel so good!
Thanks so much.”

It’s not to say sacrificing function over fashion (or vice versa) is wrong, but for those who like to have a bra that can address both fields – it is possible.

So where does this leave you, from your experience can something be both beautiful and functional in a maternity bra?

On a side note – what do you think of this product? Is it fashion, function or both?!

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  1. Absolutely!

    I think fashion and function can co-exist and if fashion is done well then it is functional. Cake Lingerie, with it’s pretty, feminine bras and panties shows that fashion and function co-exist. It almost makes me want to be pregnant so that I can wear your lingerie…almost!


    ~ Eve

    Eve - November 20 / 2011 / 3:29 am