CupCake washable Nursing Pads are lovingly crafted from natural organic fibres and packaged with recyclable materials to reduce the ecological foot-print on our planet.

How do they work?

CupCake Nursing Pads are an all-in-one solution for breastfeeding mothers. Buying different pads to manage flow or to increase absorbency during periods of heavy flow is a thing of the past with CupCake Nursing Pads.

The outer-pocketed pad is designed to protect from light leakage. The fabric is made from organic cotton and includes a hemp-cotton layer, a water proof membrane for protection against leakage, is lightly contoured to fit around the breast discretely, can fit up to 2 additional liners to increase absorbency, soft and ultra comfortable and is 115mm in diameter.

The CupCake washable liners can be purchased separately and can be placed inside the outer-pocketed pad to increase absorbency from a light flow to a medium to heavy flow pad. The liners are made from hemp and cotton fleece, are light-weight and super absorbent, fit perfectly into the outer pad and are 92mm in diameter.

CupCake Nursing Pads are the perfect nursing pad for environmentally conscious women who are looking for a Nursing Pad that will provide comfort and piece of mind.







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