Caring For Your Maternity Lingerie
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Caring For Your Maternity Lingerie

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I receive a lot of questions from customers who love our maternity lingerie and ask how to make sure they keep their lingerie looking and fitting perfectly. So I thought that I would write a post on the simple yet effective ways to care for lingerie to ensure that they will fit and look beautiful for longer.


I would highly recommend to hand wash your lingerie in cold water. This will ensure your bras and pants will keep its shape and form as most lingerie are made from soft fabrics and adorned with delicate laces and bows. By washing your lingerie in hot water it may cause shrinkage which will affect the fit and support of your bra.

If you prefer to use the washing machine, I would recommend to wash your lingerie in a washing bag, in cold water and in a delicate cycle. This will stop the delicate fabrics and laces from being pulled and stretched. Another handy hint would be to make sure the hooks and eyes are clasped.


I always tell my customers that the best way to dry your lingerie is to line dry them and not to tumble dry as they could possibly shrink. Try to also dry your lingerie in the shade and out of direct sunlight to avoid the colour from fading.

By following these simple steps and the instructions found on the care label of your lingerie, you will have longer lasting beautiful lingerie that will continue to fit and support you.


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