An interesting debate has started up in Australia over the past few days.


It all started when a breast-feeding mother was asked to cover up when she was feeding her small child at a public pool.


Well known TV presenter David Koch, made the comment on live TV that ‘women should be more discrete when breast-feeding in public and that they should go some where less busy or cover up out of respect for others’.


A protest was organised outside the TV studio today in support of breast-feeding women.  Over 100 women conducted a peaceful protest, while many feed their babies in the public space.


David Koch has received many comments after he voiced his view live on TV.  You might be surprised to learn that some women even supported David Koch’s comments.


I have breast-feed two children over the past 7 years.  My first child for 10 months and my second for 6 months.


I must say that in my experience, I found it difficult to cover up most times and I would take myself off somewhere less public.  Not because I was concerned about offending anyone, but it made me feel more comfortable.


Breast-feeding is a beautiful and natural necessity.  Women should be empowered to make their own choices about what is write for them and their children.


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