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The History of the Bra

Tracey Montford

By Tracey Montford

Nov 28, 2017

The Bra has had a bumpy ride ever since it’s original conception that was the change from the brutal corset to two handkerchiefs tied together. We celebrate women by giving them oodles of choice to showcase their assets or perfectly form them under t-shirts.


Here is a few of the highlights of the life of the bra:

History of Bra


1914  The patent for the first bra was invented by a frustrated whale bone corset wearing 19 year old, name Mary Phelps. She sewed 2 silk handkerchiefs together with ribbon and cord.


1917 – For the purpose of war – the steel industries prohibited the steel for corsets and salvaged a whopping 28000 tons of steel, enough to build 2 battleships.


1922 –The bandeau is designed due to the roaring 20’s flapper dress


1933 – The introduction of the size system of cups A – D with the added ease of front fastening and adjustable straps.
There’s a bit of debate over who invented this so I wont mention any names.


1940 – The perma-lift pointy bullet bra was sported by many Hollywood actresses such as Jane Russell and Marylon Monroe


1943 – The first padded bra was made by Frederick’s of Hollywood, followed by the push up bra merely a year later.


1959 – Dupont produce lycra, an elastane fibre that revolutionizes lingerie.


1967 – Moulding of cups is invented by Triumph to climate seams

        – Mrs Robinson not only seduces us with her black lacy number but also a risque leopard print bra too


1968 – Burning of the bras occurs by feminists to protest the Miss America Pageant


1977 – The first sports bra, the ‘jogbra’ is invented by not 2 hankerchiefs but 2 jockstraps.

        – Victoria’s secret is born by a husband who doesn’t like shopping in department stores for his wife’s underwear. The first all lingerie store is found


1990 – Madonna sports the Jean-Paul Gauliter conical bra that paved the way for underwear to become fashionably outerwear


1994 – Wonderbra boosts sales with Eva Herzigova campaigne “Hello boys” that reportedly caused multiple traffic jams and car accidents


1995 – Seinfeld’s episode 104 and the manzier make a tribute to man boobs.


2001 – Victoria’s secret runway show is televised for the first time featuring Giselle wearing a $15 million set encrusted in jewels.


2002 – The NuBra is introduced that is made of silicon self adhesive cups, no straps required


2008 – Spacer fabric is invented to perform better than. A breathable system where two layers are suspended from each other with spacer fibres. This can be moulded and keep its construction


2000 + From water bras, gel bras, moulded bras, contour bras, minimizer bras, seamless bras, high impact bras, strapless bras, nursing bras – do you think you’ve seen it all? I think we are in for the best design yet to come.


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