I was one of the fortunate 10% of women who did not get any stretch marks in my first pregnancy.  They say it is all genetically linked.  If your mother or sister did not get stretch marks than you are more than likely not to get them.

I have been a little more obsessive second time around.  I am conscious that my bump is bigger than when I was pregnant with Ethan and with any little sting or pulling sensation I am applying oils and creams and massaging the area.

Recommendations to help avoid stretch marks are:

*Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.  This will help to keep the skin subtle.

*Apply oils and creams to help maintain the skins elasticity.

*Massage the bump and the area where you may see stretch marks occurring. This will encourage blood flow.

*Eat a healthy diet to help avoid any unnecessary weight gain.

According to the experts,  the above techniques may help to prevent the severity of the stretch marks. However, if you are genetically prone to getting them it does not matter how much oil and creams you apply as they will occur but you will prevent the severity of the stretch marks.


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