The birthing of your baby should be a joyous experience for you AND your baby. Birth is a normal event in a woman’s life and is definitely NOT a medical event. Fear is the major contributing factor causing long labours with medical interventions. Pregnant women are exposed to so many fearful stories from many different sources that is difficult to ignore.

The Hypnobirthing pre-natal program will eliminate all fears and anxieties. You will learn deepening techniques to bring about peace and tranquility. Understanding the way in which your mind/body functions, without fear, is an enlightening experience, and the skills learned can be used in all aspects of life.

If you truly want to have a ‘normal’ birth, without medical interference, then this course will show you a ‘still’ sense of peace and well-being. You will leave feeling empowered, connected with your unborn baby and looking forward to labour and birth.

Susan Ross,
Birth Right Aust. Pty. Ltd.
0419 606 171



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