Recently a lot of attention sparked from an Australian TV interview with international pop star and celebrity, Beyoncé Knowles which questioned her pregnancy with rapper, Jay-Z.

Seen in the visual, it appeared the singer’s belly ‘collapses’ as she sits down for the interview.

Oddly enough, what was said in the interview hasn’t been something which has resonated with people watching around the world, even though the hot topic on everyone’s lips a few weeks ago was the exciting news for the expectant and fashionable mother! Surely everyone would want to know more about her fantastic news right? We’re sure you’ll find all the videos on youtube too cut off after she sits – it doesn’t go on to the actual interview which is what can be seen as interesting.

Instead it is the images of her pregnant belly which have caused a stir. Was it the dress? Was it her bump? or something else?

Her rep has already responded as the whole thing as “stupid, ridiculous and false” to the claims of faking a pregnancy to ABC News.

Now, everyone at Cake Lingerie absolutely love this lady and think it is a beautiful thing whenever we hear the great maternity news of any woman – famous or not.

It makes us think, maybe with the rise of celebrity bumps over the years it has put a lot of pressure on these mothers to ‘show more’ for everyone to see as they don’t want to let anyone down. This is a special time in their life, and of course they want to share it with those who mean the most to them – their fans.

Maybe consumer culture are too harsh on our idols? Or perhaps this was just a media ploy to have more people talking about her?

As the saying goes – an image is worth a thousand words – and this picture of her on the beach last month, she looks pretty pregnant to us!

What do you think?

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