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As a lover of everything Lingerie, I have never had a problem with investing in good quality garments.  OK it costs more, however the benefits out way the negatives.  The quality of the fabrics are superior, they are more comfortable, last longer and make you feel and look amazing.  Correctly fitted product will enhance your figure and improve your body posture.

We received an email from a new Cake Lingerie fan last week.  Read below her comments as she enters the newly discovered world of quality well fitted lingerie.

“OMG!  I couldn’t be more in love with my things.  I just got back home Saturday and so far, I have worn my new pajamas, cotton candy bra and underwear.  It’s only been a day, but I absolutely LOVE everything I’ve tried!  All day long, I’ve been telling my husband how much I love my underwear.  I never realized how bad and uncomfortable what I have been wearing all my life has been until trying these.  And I am 36 years old!  I will never go back.

He laughed and thought it was sad that I’ve never had such good underwear and I totally agree.  I want to tell everyone about my new products.  Last night, I purchased 4 more pair of the Cotton Candy briefs and one more Cotton Candy bra online.  The material, the feel and the quality of the products are amazing.  

I have never spent that much money on underwear before and wouldn’t have understood the need to until trying the samples I bought.  Life changing!  Lol”.  YOUNG

Getting emails like this make my day.   All Cake Lingerie garments are designed with care to ensure each piece is not only beautiful but comfortable too.

As we continue on the Cake Lingerie journey my hope is that we will continue to surprise and delight women with our innovative award winning designs.



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