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Recently, UK’s Guardian published an interesting article discussing the change of attitudes over time about fashion, acceptance and expression during pregnancy.

Writer, Emma Soames said “maternity wear used to be confined to tent dresses, but these days there’s no shame in baring all.”

Now expectant mothers appear on magazine covers, tweet the happy news and flaunt their bellies in figure‑hugging couture.

Emma mentions how nowadays, celebrity culture has clawed its way into a ‘bump culture’, which has involved thousands of photo ops such as national/global announcements on key TV shows, or posting images on Facebook/Twitter to their fans. An example was Mariah Carey (pictured below left) who posted pictures of herself with butterflies painted across her belly, which attracted media/consumer attention, and retweets.

It can be seen that society are influenced with social movements, world events and of course images of celebrity ‘baring’ photos that over time has desensitized, and empowered how women present their heavily pregnant selves.

The article mentions a time in the 60-70s, women covered up their bumps, in fear to lose their jobs, or even be seen as ‘inferior’ in the professional environment. This was later revolutionized in the 1980s by Vogues Anna Wintour, who proudly embraced her pregnancy, career, and fashion sense till the day she gave birth, and continues to do so.

Motherhood is something to cherish and be proud of, yet at what point is showing your bump too much?

Soames continues “the bearing of the bump in the 21st century signifies much more than just pride in pregnancy – it is a system and a symbol of how far we have traveled down the rock road of equality.”

What do you think about this? Do you think attitudes towards pregnancy and equality have changed.. And are you the type of person to conceal or reveal?

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