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It is my recommendation to buy Maternity bras that will work in with your life style and will cover your wardrobe requirements.

A good place to start is with the following:

1. Basic T shirt bra in Nude
2. Basic T shirt bra in Black
3. Seamless bra for around home
4. A beautiful lace bra for special occasions or work

If you are a Nursing mother your requirements will be similar. However, get refitted at about 8 months of pregnancy for your nursing bras.

1. X3 Seamless bra (perfect for the first 6 weeks post birth)
2. Basic T shirt bra in Nude
3. Basic T shirt bra in Black
4. Beautiful lace bra for special occasions or those days when you need a pick me up

The number of Nursing bras you own is likely to be determined by how long you breastfeed for.

A good feeding bra will last approx. 6 months if worn frequently. At this point it would be my recommendation to go and get refitted as a women’s breasts do tend to chance in size, particularly after breastfeeding for a long period of time.

How many maternity bras should I buy?
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