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Our friends at Travel with Tots have a fantastic website that is dedicated to helping parents when travelling with their children.

Amy, the founder of Travel with Tots is an ex-travel agent with a background in journalism and a mum her active 1 year old son, Luka.

Amy believes parents shouldn’t have to stop being an adventurer, however she acknowledges that a great deal of planning and organising is necessary when travelling with children. So she started Travel with Tots to help families get out and see the world without the panic and stress of not knowing what to expect.

The site features travel tips; product, hotel and airline reviews; destination details; travel tales written by parents and a travel ideas and inspiration section. Travel with Tots covers a huge range of topics from travel with Asthma and Autism to tips for solo parent travel. The site also has expert articles on topics such as travel health and vaccinations, finding a babysitter abroad and breastfeeding during travel.

When I travelled with Ethan, some 5 years ago when he was a baby, I wasn’t aware of any resources like Travel with Tots. I have travelled a lot and knew the important  things like having a check list of everything he needed, trying to keep the same routine as I would back home and making sure he had a dummy or he had a drink on take off and landing. But for the little things like handy tips and reading up on reviews on destinations and hotels, I think it would definitely come in handy.

Travel with Tots is a great resource and provides helpful hints and tricks when travelling with children. Whether it be a small drive or a holiday overseas, it will definitely be a resource I will turn to when my next little one arrives.


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