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CupCake nursing pads are an eco-friendly answer to your leakage problems.

During the first few months of breastfeeding a woman can often experience varied amounts of leakage due to an excess amount of milk being produced by her body.

Up until now a woman has had to purchase either disposable nursing pads, which can often be uncomfortable, itchy and not great for our environment or they have been forced to purchase multiple nursing pads for various levels of leakage i.e. Medium, heavy and light flow pads.

The CupCake Nursing pad is an all in one solution for new mums.

The outer pocket is a light leak protection pad made from organic cotton and contains a water- proof membrane for peace of mind and a leak free experience.  Insert able liners made from super absorbent organic hemp can be purchased to increase the absorbency of the outer- pocketed pad.  The outer-pocketed pad can be transformed from a light leak to a medium to heavy flow pad, by simply inserting up to two insert able liners.

A woman can now customise her nursing pad depending on her needs both day and night.

To try one of our beautifully designed complimentary sample packs visit our website for details.

CupCake Nursing Pads


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