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There is no doubt about it. When you are pregnant and nursing your body temperature rises, your skin stretches and you are often uncomfortable.

The benefits of cotton during this period are enormous.

All Cake Lingerie nursing bras are lined with cotton. Cotton next to the breast will enable the skin to breath, helping to avoid hot sweaty breasts. The cotton also helps to create a comfortable layer between your breasts and the bra, as nylon laces and fabrications can easily irritate breasts during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

Cake Lingerie’s Dark Chocolate bra and White Chocolate bra go a step further. Not only are the cups lined with soft luxurious cotton, but the outer cup is also made from a 100% cotton embroidery anglaise. These bras are perfect for the warmer summer months and will support and nurture a changing body with the added benefit of a flexible wire for a great shape and fit.

Available in sizes 10C-18GG(AU) or 32C- 40J(US) the White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate bras are also perfect for a fuller bust.

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