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CupCake Nursing Pads are loving crafted from natural fibres, organic cotton and hemp and are packaged with recyclable materials to reduce their ecological foot print.

Just like your bras and underwear CupCake Nursing Pads need to be cared for to ensure they last and remain effective.

We recommend that you wash your CupCake Nursing Pads in a cool wash with light colours. The cold water will ensure that the cotton and hemp does not shrink.

Once washed squeeze any excess water out of the pads and lay flat to dry.

It is our recommendation to press the pad flat and reshape it if necessary with the palm of your hand. This way the pad will retain its round disc shape.

It is always advisable to wash the nursing pads first before use. This will help to activate the fibres in the cotton and hemp. You will notice after many washes that the pads will become more and more absorbent as the fibres loosen up.

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