Rocky Road is the perfect gift for Mothers Day. Enter for your chance to WIN this beautiful NEW Maternity/nursing bra from Cake Lingerie.

Complimenting the beautiful Rocky Road chemise range, the popular and shape perfected flexible-wire bra has an exciting new style in charcoal grey with candy pink! With elaborate detail for lift and fit, this Maternity / Nursing bra provides a shape like no other. Adorned with pink bows, ribbon detailing, satin padded straps, 100% cotton lining and a polka-dot sling for a feminine touch, Rocky Road dares you to be different.

• Beautifully detailed balcony styled nursing bra
• Flexible wire for extra support and great shape
• Soft cup bra for a snug fit
• Top stretch in cup to allow for growth
• Easy drop down cups for feeding
• 6 hook and eye extension for ribcage expansion
• Cotton lined straps for added comfort
• Stretch fabric with soft lace overlay
• 78% nylon, 22% elastane (excl of trims)
• 100% cotton lined cups, enabling the skin to breathe
* Sizes 10C-18GG(AU) or 32C-40J(US)

The Rocky Road bra also comes with a beautiful matching underwear.
This brief provides sufficient coverage for the changing body, with a delicate and sophisticated lace front panel.

• Comfortable stretch fabric
• Lace front panel
• Cut low to sit neatly under the growing belly
• Cotton lined Gusset
• Available in S – XXL
• 78% nylon, 22% elastane (excl of trims)

For your chance to WIN, a Rocky Road Maternity/Nursing bra and brief set:
Women entering the giveaway must ensure they read the terms and conditions before entering.
Good Luck and don’t forget to share with your friends!

1. ENTRY: Write a comment in the comments section of the Blog Post. The Giveaway is open from 6th May 2013 until 13th May 2013.
2. WINNER SELECTIONS: One winner will be selected at random from the entries obtained. The winner will be notified via email, announced on Facebook and recorded in the comments section of the Blog post.
3. PRIZES: Prizes are non-transferable and no substitutions will be made.

 All entrants should ensure they fit the sizing guidelines as stated within the giveaway.
4. ELIGIBILITY: Sweepstakes open only to those who are 18 years of age or older. Employees of Sponsor, advertising, promotion, and judging agencies and members of the immediate families or households of any of the above are NOT eligible to participate. For purposes of these rules, “immediate families” means spouse, parents or legal guardians, siblings, children, step-parents, step-siblings, step-children, and the spouses of each of the foregoing.

Cake Lingerie RockyRoad
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108 comments on “BRA OF THE MONTH- Review and Giveaway

  1. tess grassi on said:

    Love to win

  2. Laiken on said:

    I would love to win! Love Cake Lingerie! What a great way to feel beautiful!

  3. Wendy Darcy on said:

    Stunning I would love to win it.

  4. Liz wittrock on said:

    I’ve been looking for a great new nursing bra. Would love to try this one!

  5. KandFsMomma on said:

    I would love to win, beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Kellie on said:

    So pretty!

  7. Tya Fosberry on said:

    Im about to become a first time mummy & would love a nice confidence boost… This bra set might just make me feel good about myself again, with 4 weeks to go Im feeling quite big & gross..

  8. Stephanie Fernando on said:

    I love your bras! They’re so delicious!

  9. Michelle H on said:

    I would LOVE to win one and try it out. It’s so hard to find pretty nursing bras in my size. :)

  10. Megan Olaveson on said:

    Looks lovely.

  11. Lauren on said:

    So pretty!

  12. Tannis W on said:

    This set is so pretty! I would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Kristen Gullick on said:

    This is simply stunning! I would love to win! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  14. Kayla Dusseau on said:

    such an amazing set! love it!

  15. Lindsay S on said:

    Finally!!! Beautiful undergarments during the most amazing time in our life!

  16. Cindy B on said:

    Beautiful new set thanks for the opportunity.

  17. lisa bolduc on said:

    what a nice set!

  18. Jennifer P on said:

    It’s great to see such a pretty maternity bra come in larger cup sizes!

  19. Mandy Wilson on said:

    Such a gorgeous bra! This would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift!

  20. Danielle W on said:


  21. Brooke on said:

    I would love to have a beautiful bra like this! So lovely!

  22. Malina L on said:

    I love this set!! So pretty! I am expecting in the fall and would love to have this!

  23. Melissa S. on said:

    I love this lingerie! I saw it on Zulily first. It doesn’t even seem like maternity/nursing wear! It’s even prettier than Victoria’s Secret lingerie!

  24. Stacey on said:

    Beautiful! I would love to win this set.

  25. Kate McCreery on said:

    Love these bas. I already can’t live without cake lingerie flexible underwire bras since having my son 2 years ago & now with baby 2 only a few weeks away this would be the perfect set to update my lingerie wardrobe & feel fabulous while feeding.

  26. Elle on said:

    Just what my mom to be needs :)

  27. abbie Oaks on said:

    Love it, so comfy and sexy!

  28. Rachel on said:

    Your bras are the highest quality, nicest of any (nursing and non-nursing) bras I’ve owned. Thanks for the chance to win a new one!

  29. Lindsay T on said:

    So cute! I would love it!

  30. Summer on said:

    Beautiful set!

  31. Jacqueline on said:

    I love all my Cake bras, but this one is especially gorgeous!

  32. Alison C on said:

    I’ve always wanted a cake bra, and this one is gorgeous!

  33. Jessica L. on said:

    So cute! Your products are absolutely adorable!

  34. Grace White on said:

    Love this set…so pretty! I would love to win

  35. Sara on said:

    How pretty! It would be so nice to have a pretty bra to wear this time around. #3 is on his/her way!

  36. Andrea Lisk on said:

    I’m due with #3 soon and still wearing the same bras from #1. This is gorgeous and I’m sure DH would appreciate the update too ;) Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. Dawn Burgess on said:

    This is gorgeous!! I think my hubby would be as happy as I would if I won! :o)

  38. Sarah Young on said:

    I am pregnant with my third baby, and I have never had a bra as pretty as that!
    I also teach childbirth classes, and would love to give this bra away as a thank you gift to a lucky student!

  39. Samantha on said:

    In desperate need of a new nursing bra! This one is awesome!

  40. Wendy on said:

    I love beautiful nursing bras. This would be delightful to win.

  41. Heidi O on said:

    Please pick me! All my nursing bras are 3+ years old and have holes in them! Thank you!

  42. Julie on said:

    I would love this bra! It would actually fit me!

  43. Angela S on said:

    Really love the colour choice for this bra. Looks like an amazing fit and design (which I’m sure it is). Wish that some normal everyday (non maternity) bras looked half as good as yours do!! I won’t want to give them up when I’m finished breastfeeding :P Would love to win :)

  44. Cara Thompson on said:

    Would so love to win this…I have 1 maternity bra & it’s awful. New baby is only 2 weeks old, so would definately be much loved & put to very good use! And it’s beautiful :)

  45. Tiffany Holtzinger on said:

    The Rocky Road set is absolutely gorgeous! I’m a HUGE Cake Lingerie fan and am due to deliver our 4th baby boy, Henry, within the next 8 wks. I’d love to have a gorgeous new bra to nurse him in. Thank you!

  46. Jenny Travis on said:

    I am completely in love with your bras. They are gorgeous! Currently the only bra that fits me is not a nursing bra and I suspect it’s behind my recent bought of clogged ducts. Help my boobies! They need you!

  47. Lisa on said:

    I would love to win! :)

  48. Karen Price on said:

    This is beautiful! It would be such a treat to win this! It’s puts my current nursing bras to shame!

  49. Melissa M on said:

    Just had my second child and LOVE Cake Lingerie… wish I would have known about these wonderful bras for my first. Would love to win this beautiful bra!

  50. Ginger M. on said:

    This bra is gorgeous. I own one of your bras and absolutely LOVE it. So many nursing bras are so plain Jane and not sexy, so it’s refreshing to have a company like yours that makes a quality product that makes us pregnant and nursing mamas feel sexy. Thanks for the opportunity, and hope I win :)

  51. Ashley K on said:

    I would love to win. I am so tired of my old granny type nursing bras!

  52. Cheryl (@loucheryl) on said:

    I would love to win this. I’m due in July and want to feel pretty while pregnant.

  53. Andrea Gardner on said:

    Thank you for the chance to win one of your gorgeous sets! I would love this. I am nursing Baby #5 and have never owned such beautiful nursing wear. What a treat it would be!

  54. Tara E on said:

    i would LOVE to win this! due in July.

  55. Andrea Williams on said:

    I need this bra! I only have ONE cake lingerie feeding bra and 1 sports bra :(, they are on constant rotation. PLEASE choose me! <3

  56. Elizabeth Crabtree on said:

    This set is so sexy. It is so fantastic that someone is finally making beautiful maternity and nursing bras!

  57. Rana Beach on said:

    It is so hard to find a good nursing bra in large sizes. I’m nursing baby #4, and feel so blah with my uniboob not getting any support. I would love to win one of your bras!

  58. Kelly G. on said:

    Just received my very first Cake Lingerie nursing bra (The Licorice Twist) in the mail today and I’m in LOVE already! After I had my son I never found a nursing bra that was comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis. I resorted to wearing a sports bra which was comfortable but gave me absolutely NO support and wasn’t exactly nursing friendly. I’m SO glad I found your nursing bras! I’d love to add another one of your nursing bras to my collection! :)

  59. Shelley Wood on said:

    Would love a bra that makes my boobs look nice even though I am completely lop-sided due to my first daughter only drinking from the left hand side. Would be nice to look sexy to my hubby and feel good about my boobs again

  60. Becky Horwood on said:

    I am in DESPERATE need of new maternity bars! I have been wearing my current (daggy) one’s for way too long. My toddler has just weaned but I am 26 weeks pregnant with number 2, I have forgotten what normal bras are.

  61. Crystall L on said:

    Beautiful as always. Keep up the good work!!

  62. Ashleigh Swerdfeger on said:

    Lovely! This would help so much!

  63. Lily Collins on said:

    Gorgeous, I’d love to win.

  64. Lorna Berry on said:

    I have this set on at the moment. It is the most comfortable bra I own. another would help me so much, going back to work soon!

  65. Tiffany Dujinski on said:

    I only have one nursing bra that fits well and it’s literally falling apart. Would love to win this!

  66. Sara Johnson on said:

    Have loved my previous Cake Lingerie maternity bras and this looks like it would just give me that lift I need for the last couple of months this pregnancy!

  67. Wendy on said:

    I would love to win. I’m on the search for new bras.

  68. Kim on said:

    My bubba is due in July, and I’m exclusively in Cake bras now… nothing else fits my 12GG bust like these, is as comfortable or actually STAYS on my back without riding up!!

  69. kathy chisholm on said:

    I would love to win this gorgeous set!

  70. Rachael on said:

    Please pick me, I’ve already had too many terrible nursing bras.

  71. Taryn on said:

    Love your bras! Have one, but it no longer fits :( just found out I’m due with #2 this winter! Would l love to have a new set for the newbie!

  72. Jessica on said:

    I would love to win this beautiful set! I love trying products I haven’t before, especially nursing fashion and telling all my pregnant and nursing friends about it. Seems like we are all pregnant or new moms and we are all in search to still look young and sexy while comfortable. So excited for a chance to win!!

  73. Leslie T on said:

    This is just a beautiful bra! It is so great to have someone making beautiful products that are also for nursing moms. So much about being a mom isn’t glamorous – diapers, spit up everywhere, etc – that putting on something pretty can really boost your mood.

  74. Nicole on said:

    Such a beautiful set.I would love to win this so Ican still look and feel sexy during these last few months.

  75. Erin Houser on said:

    I have been drooling over, and dreaming of owning a cake nursing bra since having my first! Now with a newborn I could really use this!

  76. Noel on said:

    Beautiful bra set! I would be giving this to my newly pregnant friend.

  77. Tessa Boissoin on said:

    Love this design!!!

  78. Courtney S on said:

    I would love to win! Beautiful!

  79. Lisa Henson on said:

    LOVE this bra! Excited at the chance to possibly win one…I already LOVE all my other Cake bras and sleepwear!!

  80. Katrina S on said:

    Beautiful! Would love the chance to win such a gorgeous bra for the rest of my pregnancy and when I start nursing!!

  81. Robynn on said:

    I have never found a nursing bra that actually fit, I shove myself into the largest thy sell (dd) but always end up hanging out. Would love to try as see if these beautiful bras fit!!

  82. Tina Godel on said:

    This is gorgeous! I’m so happy that I found your products! The nursing bras at local department stores are plain and boring! I would LOVE to win this!!!

  83. Adrienne R on said:

    What a gorgeous set to win. Thanks for the chance to win it and good luck to everyone.

  84. Liz B. on said:

    I would love to win this. All of the nursing bras I can afford are too small in the cups and very uncomfortable, so it would be great to have a bra that fits. Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  85. Stacey W on said:

    I would love to win the scrumptious Rocky Road bra. It looks absolutely divine!

  86. Tyese on said:

    So cute!

  87. LoryAnn P on said:

    I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for over 6 years straight. I am currently due with our 4th this summer and would love to win a new bra. Thank you so much for making such pretty things for us mamas.

  88. Rebecca Wilkerson on said:

    Would love to wear this and be comfortable and beautiful at the same time! :)

  89. Sarah Smart on said:

    Such a beautiful bra!

  90. Jenna Saylor on said:

    This would be perfect! I am celebrating nursing for 12 months and would love something a little more attractive than typical nursing bras.

  91. Kristin on said:

    What a beautiful bra! It’s so nice to be seeing beautiful maternity and nursing sets! A woman’s body has to go through so much during pregnancy and nursing women deserve something to make them feel wonderful!!

  92. Casey on said:

    So cute…its nice to know that there are cute bras and panties for when i’m done being pregnant…not feeling so cute right now

  93. Terra on said:

    I love your lingerie it is beautiful!

  94. Christy G on said:

    This bra is gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win.

  95. Aubriel on said:

    I am hitting 9 months Saturday, and have held off buying a new nursing bra set because my size is so completely different from my last pregnancy, that this time I am waiting till after the baby is born. So basically in surfing in my old nursing bras! Would live this beautiful bra, would make me feel beautiful underneath even if I reduced to sweats for this last month because my tummy is sooooo big! ;)

  96. Holly Marie on said:

    I would love to win this- I am due with baby #2 in August!

  97. Krystle Nugent on said:

    Another gorgeous maternity/nursing set….. keep up the great work Cake Lingerie!!

  98. Bronwyn Bell on said:

    I lovingly looked at these amazing and stunning products while pregnant two years ago, struggling with the changes in my body and going from being a woman who wore sexy bras and briefs making myself feel good I wasnt liking the idea of going to the boring plain Jane maternity feeding bras and struggled greatly through my pregnancy with self body image issues. I was over joyed at getting an Elle Macpherson set reduced before giving birth however 19 months on since having my daughter and still feeding her that bra still and never has supported my breasts in any form (Looking at it is a cup size too big, I was told my breasts would get much larger this wasnt the case for me they have no shrunk!). I was over the moon to get a pair of Cake Lingerie Briefs last year but deeply guttered when they pulled apart after my first time wearing them. I would love to regain my self confidence in my body image!

  99. Cathy on said:

    <3 Imagine….
    Sexy – so sexy that my man can't keep his hands off!!!

    Sleek – while I could wear it under anything…you almost don't want to wear anything else!!!

    And sophisticated – functional, yet classy!!!

    It's a piece of "cake" when it comes to Lingerie…

  100. Becca on said:

    This set is so beautiful!..would love to win one :)

  101. Nicole hollman on said:

    Would love to win this to use for new baby due in July!

  102. clarissa on said:

    I will be having my 7th child tomorrow. Having so many small children its easy to end up feeling like nothing but a mom…a frumpy mom. Cake Lingerie has helped me feel pretty daily.

  103. Michelle West on said:

    I am always trying to find a nice sexy comfortable bra and these look amazing so would love :) Please xxxxx

  104. Anthony Wadge on said:

    Would love to win it for my gorgeous partner who always struggles finding a bra. Pretty sure she’d love this!

  105. Emily on said:

    I have been waiting for this style to come out

  106. Kelsey Feisst on said:

    Gorgeous I would love to win!

  107. Karen McCormack on said:

    Finally a nice set for bigger women too! Good luck everyone!

  108. Cake Lingerie on said:

    A big congratulations to Clarissa! You are our lucky winner this month of our Rocky Road bra and brief set. Tx

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