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There are many reasons why you should be wearing cotton briefs. Cotton is a natural fibre that allows the skin to breath, is durable, absorbent, anti-allergic and super comfortable to wear.



Allows the skin to breath


Cotton cools the body and allows it to breath. Synthetic fibres such as nylon and lycra do not breath and can encourage the growth of bacteria resulting in itching, infections and thrush like symptoms.





Cotton is a strong fibre and washes well. If you look after your cotton briefs and wash them in a cool wash they will last wash after wash.





Cotton is not only a great fibre because it cools the body but it also absorbs and wicks unnecessary moisture and perspiration away from the skin.





Cotton is a great choice for women who have sensitive skin as it is avoids irritation. Cotton is an anti-allergic fibre.





The most obvious benefit is that cotton briefs are incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. They are perfect choice for pregnant and or new mums as they stretch and move freely with your changing body.



Cake Lingerie has designed two great cotton panty packs. Match back to your favourite Cake Lingerie bra and enjoy the benefits that cotton briefs can offer. Available in sizes S-XL.

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