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Did you know wearing a flexible wire maternity bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding could provide superior shape, support and a good overall breast health?

We recently uncovered some insightful research, revealing wearing a properly fitted underwire bra can be more suitable than a non-wired bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding as the wire maintains the natural shape and curve of the breasts.

Some believe there is a stigma attached around wire bras during pregnancy and mastitis, however the likeliness of this infection occurring is associated more with a restricted bra and cup size.

We found in non-wired bras, especially in larger cup sizes, tend to flatten the chest and compress the natural contours to make an ‘East-West’ shape, indicating insufficient support. In the long term, this can cause complications as the breast is being held in an unnatural shape and may even cause cosmetic damage, i.e. sag.

Additionally, the Australian Breastfeeding Association, whom are also one of the biggest sellers of Cake Lingerie Flexible Wire bras, reported flexible wire support is designed to flex and change position with a breasts changing shape, and are also less likely to cause problems with milk ducts and mastitis.

This year, we kicked off our collection with bras consisting of flexible wire made from a unique alloy blend to individually mould to each wearer for enhanced comfort and support.

Last week, we also launched our sixth installment of our global ‘Real Mums, Real Fit’ Campaign in France, which was the first of its nature to specifically sample our flexible wire bras.

Real Mums, Real Fit’ travels the world to inspire women to look and feel beautiful through pregnancy and breastfeeding with the ease and support of Cake Lingerie products.

The bras showcased in the campaign were our delicious Turkish Delight (inset image) and Velvet Delight range, from our 2011 Birthday Cake Collection, that have both been uniquely constructed with our MyBust™ engineering.

MyBust™ understands every bust size has a different need and we acknowledge this with our ‘Plunge’ and ‘Balconette’ styles to provide the right support for nursing mothers.

One of our French ‘Real Mums’, Amelie (pictured above) said “It almost never happens that a bra with underwire fits me well right away… even at a D cup size.”

“I could wear it without my breasts spilling on the side, and I loved how the cut of the bra varies according to cup size,” she continued.

Click here to read more about our French ‘Real Mums’.

Please note, a flexible wire bra may not suit every body type and breast shape and it’s recommended to be properly fitted for any pregnancy or nursing bra.

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