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The birth of your child is fast approaching and it is time you started to think about your hospital bag and the types of things you will need to take with you to hospital.

Along with your personal items we suggest you include the following to make those first few days of motherhood as comfortable as possible:

1. Seamless bras or seamless nursing tanks

Immediately post birth your breasts will be swollen and sore.

A seamless bra or tank will provide you with that much needed support and will stretch and contract with your body as your breasts learn to regulate their milk supply.

A seamless bra is also the perfect sleep garment.  It can be worn under your PJ’s for added support and will help to keep nursing pads in place.

2. Cotton Knickers

Cotton knickers are a must have.

Purchase a number of pairs that are non restrictive, cut low to sit under the belly and provide good coverage. Cotton knickers are a practical solution during this period as they will help the skin to breath and will be comfortable to wear during the healing stages post birth.

3. Nursing Pads

Remember to pack a number of sets of nursing pads. Once your milk comes in you will experience a lot of leakage as your breasts learn to regulate their milk supply.

Washable organic cotton nursing pads are my recommendation.  They will feel soft and luxurious against the skin, help your skin to breath, prevent infection and draw moisture away from your body as they are super absorbent and discrete.

Disposable nursing pads while handy can be uncomfortable, contain chemicals, can cause infection and irritate your sensitive nipples.

4. PJ’s

Pack comfortable PJ’s that are non restrictive and drape nicely over the belly.  It is always a great idea to pack a spare pair as post birth can meet with its challenges. Choose soft luxurious PJ’s that are made from natural materials ie. Cottons or cotton modal blends as they will help to keep your body cool and will feel comfortable without irritation.

Nylon and polyester fabrics can feel soft, however, they do not breath and can cause the body to over heat and itch.

It is my experience that investing in a few quality essentials is a far better investment than buying a lot of inferior garments. Choose natural products where necessary and take the time to understand a garments function and how it will benefit you.

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